Alcoholism Stages

There are some stages in development of alcoholism, the most frequent disorder, which should be treated both by psychiatrists and experts in narcology. Their symptoms help to estimate how the degradation of the patient is, andwhat are the odds to cure him; what will be the long-term effects at successful treatment.

First stage

The person is fond of alcoholic drinks but drinks irregularly, though sometimes doesn’t know when to stop. Having been drunk, he is often aggressive, loses self control. Next day after alcohol intake the health is satisfactory, There are memory blackouts. At the first stage usually people don’t stop drinking, as the general state of health is still satisfactory. This stage proceeds for some years, but its transition to the second stage is actually unpreventable.

Second stage

The abstinence syndrome joins to symptoms of the disease. In not neglected cases the alcoholic takes alcoholic drinks just after work. When it impossible to suffer till evening, the next stage of dependence comes.

Later it is impossible to suffer even till lunch, drinking starts from morning. Alcoholism passes into a stage of dipsomania. There are social problems. Alcohol takes the main place in life. One patients drink constantly, others with some breaks, in all cases the illness progresses. At this stage patients often try to stop drinking and sometimes they manage todo it. The person feels tired, his health is undermined.

Third stage

The abstinence syndrome is serious, there is a progressive alcoholic liver involvement, nervous system involvement, impotency, epilepsy attacks, psychoses, memory disorders, aphrenia. In the third stage the death rate of patients is high.

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