Asthenic Psychopathy

Asthenic psychopathy is a personality disorder which is usually peculiar to women. The main symptoms are: impressionability, intolerance of mental work load, vulnerability.


Chronic diseases limiting activity of a sick child work towards development of dependent personality disorder. Keeping daily schedule, following the recommendations leads to resignation and habit to obey adults in everything.


The first symptoms of asthenic psychopathy can be noticed at early age. Such persons have also merits: emotional warmth, sense of duty, loyalty, keenness to other people, devotion to a family and team. These people are altruistic, aim to conform to public rules.

But the asthenic psychopathy has demerits: such people are lacking initiative, inspired, idealize object of affection, are devoid of independence and pushfulness.

Workability of asthenic is reduced, they cannot work continuously and nonresistant to any load. Any work hangs upon patients, they get tired quickly, feeling discomfort and negative emotions. Dependent persons avoid difficult situations. They don’t bring matter to the end.

Asthenic is quick to take offense, sensitive to criticism. He can react on remarks with tears, withdrawal. Sick people are timid, shy, suffer from the underestimated self-rating. Women – asthenic is attached to her husband, can suffer for years from his asocial behavior. People suffering from asthenic psychopathy are afraid of loneliness.


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