Autism is a serious mental disorder, an extreme form of self-isolation. Externally the illness is expressed in leaving from reality, poverty of emotions. Autist inadequately reacts to a situation and poorly interacts with society.

Symptoms of autism

1. Child-autist badly speaks. The speech is undeveloped, as well as its comprehension and expression. His speech often repeats elements heard from people around. Only simple instructions are comprehensible. The abstract thinking is underdeveloped, there is no comprehension of pronouns (my, your, its). Disability to speak or understand is the most frequent complaint of parents of child at his primary survey.

2. The child behaves as though he is blind and deaf, but at inspection safety of feelings is indicated. For parents of children with autism it is difficult to draw attention of their kids. Children don’t keep visual contact, don’t turn the head when addressing to them.

3. Children don’t develop the emotional relations with parents. Within first months of life the baby doesn’t nestle on mother, sometimes resists physical contact, trying to slip out of embraces.

4. Children-autists don’t play with toys, don’t show interest in them. Children play originally, for example, twirl the wheels of turned up truck, twisting a piece of rope.

5. Games with coevals are absent or are limited. Child doesn’t show interest in games or has no necessary game abilities. He just participates in simple game “give-take”.

6. There are no skills of self-service or their development is strongly late. It is difficult for children to learn to dress, use a toilet. They badly distinguish danger, and so supervision for such children is necessary.

7. Flashes of the aggression addressed to itself or other people are frequent.

Delirium tremens

patient states are dangerous, acute alcoholic psychosis, the first attack of delirium tremens

At alcoholism some patient’s conditions are dangerous. The most widespread of them is delirium tremens; in fact it is an acute alcoholic psychosis.

Delirium tremens is characterized by disorder of consciousness. Unexpectedly there are terrible visual and auditory hallucinations, orientation in time and space is broken. The patient has a fear, strong exaltation, unreasonable aggression, delirium.

Tremens arises usually 2-4 days later after exit from a drinking-bout, but sometimes develops and in the drinking bout period. After a long drinking-bout the first attack of delirium tremens follows, the second and the subsequent are possible after less long drinking bout.

Delirium tremens symptoms

it is possible To define in advance soon attack of delirium tremens by following symptoms:

- On the eve of a delirium tremens alcoholics lose attraction to alcohol, stop taking alcoholic drinks, say that they are sick of it.

- By evening there are sharp changes of mood: the complacency and carelessness are replaced by anxiety, melancholy, depression, fear, apathy. Patients become agitated, anxious, cannot still, continuously talk.

- The strong extremities tremor becomes perceptible.

- Dream is short-term, unquiet, with frequent nightmares. After some time the full sleeplessness comes which strengthens fear, and anxiety.

- Alcoholics hear the intimidating voices, see the terrifying images. In some time hallucinations become more large-scale.

State of delirium tremens can proceed for some days. The attack begins and progresses when darkness comes. The drunkard can take to the heels or jump out of window.

Alcohol delirium requires hospitalization. Recovery comes at normalization of dream.

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