Erotic Delirium

Usually just women suffer from erotomania syndrome, or Klerambo’s syndrome. The subject, as a rule, is a lonely woman believing that man from the upper class is in love with her. The supposed admirer is inaccessible as I he already married, or holds much higher social status. It can be a famous actor [...]

Teenage Schizophrenia

Teenage schizophrenia is connected with formation of a pathological mental state in perception of environment. At first there are nervous breakdowns, tearfulness, temper tantrum and loss of strength. The first signs of teenager schizophrenia can be distinguished in the early childhood.

The main signs of malignant teenager schizophrenia [...]

Schizoid Psychopathy

Schizoid psychopathy differs in excessive isolation of individual. The inner world of the schizoid is filled with the imaginations intended for self-pleasuring. Schizoid psychopaths don’t have enough intuition in communication, abilities to empathize, come into emotional contacts. They are laconic, have constant interests, are inclined to symbols, difficult theories. Their judgments about people [...]

Alcoholism Stages

There are some stages in development of alcoholism, the most frequent disorder, which should be treated both by psychiatrists and experts in narcology. Their symptoms help to estimate how the degradation of the patient is, andwhat are the odds to cure him; what will be the long-term effects at successful treatment.

Mental Disorders At Ephedrone Use

Acute ephedrone intoxication

Ephedrone ia a self-made narcotic preparation received from processing of widespread medicine of ephedrine. Usually young people use it. Ephedrone is applied intravenously, it stimulates nervous system like amphetamine.

For ephedrone intoxication general exaltation is peculiar, there is passing feeling [...]

Mental Disorders At Cannabis Use

Changes of mentality during cannabis drugs use

Psychoactive agents of cannabis preparations (marihuana, hashish) are kannabinoida. When smoking there is intoxication: wooziness, slackness, euphoria. There is a dreamy expression on face. Sensitivity to stimulus increases, the perception of world around is broken. There is a sonitus. Memory [...]

Mental Disorders At Thebaic Narcomania

Changes of mentality at intravenous injection of opiates

At taking opiates patients with a narcomania have euphoria passing two stages.

The first develops immediately after injection of preparation. A pleasant little push is felt in the head. At most of patients “arrival” is followed by nose end, forehead, and [...]

Mental Disorders At Nicotinism

The most widespread mental disorder caused by tobacco smoking is nicotine addiction – nicotinism. There is an addiction to use nicotine with the increasing frequency, in high doses. If the tobacco use stops, there is an abstinent disorder (“withdrawal pains”).

There are three stages in development of addiction:


Mental Disorders At Cocainism

Mental disorders during Cocainum use

Narcomaniacs usually smell cocainum, it is easily soaked up in a blood through a nasal mucosa. At intravenous injection the influence of a narcotic is stronger. Cocainum causes revaluation of the opportunities, often there are crazy ideas, hallucinations as a result of which [...]

Mental Disorders At Barbituratizm

Changes of mentality at barbiturates usage

The barbiturate addiction arises at abuse of barbamylum or etaminaly sodium. Acute barbiturate intoxication is characterized by in coordination of movements, retardation, retarded speech. Aggression, motive and sex disinhibiting are possible. Other mental disturbances are various: sleepiness, depression, euphoria, emotional instability, irritability, [...]