Mental Disorders At Alcoholism

Alcoholism involves destruction of human mentality and his personality.

Changes in person of alcoholic are noticeable at the first stage of disease. The focus of interest is narrowed, former interests disappear. Any subjects for conversation flow in conversations about alcohol. Each public action or holiday is estimated from [...]

Psychasthenic Psychopathy

Psychasthenic psychopathy is a kind of a psychopathy with prevalence in patient character of irritable delicacy, lowered self-rating, self-distrust.

There is a congenital predisposition. Also development of this type of a psychopathy is promoted by misaducation (the acquired psychopathy): excessive guardianship of seniors, desire of parents to control [...]


Oligophrenia is an aphrenia, congenital or acquired in early childhood. Intellectual underdevelopment is characteristic for this disease. Usually the oligophrenia arises owing to pathology transferred pregnant mother have had or by the child in infancy. It can be an infection (rubella, congenital lues), ionizing radiation, rhesus conflict of mother and fetus, damage of [...]

Mystical Delirium

The mystical delirium differs in expressed mystical content of patient experiences, his conviction that there is something mysterious, inexplicable. The mystical delirium includes crazy ideas of religious contents, stories of the patient about the other world.

Religious experience requires consideration of religious and mystical states. Naturally, there are [...]


Megalomania is a disorder of mentality at which the consciousness or behavior of the person is seriously broken. It is shown in revaluation of own importance, popularity, wealth, power, significance. The megalomania isn’t considered as an individual disease, but as a symptom at maniacal syndrome, paranoia, or as one of inferiority complex types.


Manichean Delirium

Manichean delirium is the most acute kind of antagonistic delusion. It was described by the French psychiatrists for the first time in 1922. Some psychiatrists identify antagonistic and Manichean delirium, or refer the last to kinds of delusion of grandeur.

The Manichean delirium differs with its mental duality. [...]

Autism Treatment

The type of autism treatment should be chosen individually. The most effective therapy combines several methods. Parents have to analyze all methods which are offered to them, and to decide what type of treatment is the most reasonable. If treatment and training program were correctly chosen the child autist will be successful in [...]


Cretinism is an endocrine disease arising because of dysfunction of thyroid gland. It is expressed by lag of physical and mental development. There is an endemic cretinism (multiple cases in a certain area) and sporadic (cases which aren’t connected to the area). A cretinism can be a congenital pathology but sometimes happens in [...]


Imbecility is an average oligophrenia extent (mental retardation). Defect of mental development congenital or is acquired in the early childhood, during life it doesn’t increase.

The reasons of an imbecility are caused with disorder within pregnancy period of mother (animal protein malnutrition, smoking, infections, radiation), fetus injuries during [...]


Idiocy is the most expressed extent of congenital or acquired in the early childhood intellectual retardation (oligophrenia). Defect of mental development doesn’t increase in the subsequent life.

Disorders in development of nervous system arise during intrauterine growth period or in the first months of child life. Injury of [...]