Causes Of Mental Disorders

Causes of mental disorders – the theme for today is not deep enough the study of science. Reliably known causes of many mental disorders, such as brain damage due to trauma, intoxication, etc. At the same time, causes of diseases in humans such as schizophrenia, bipalyarnoe disorder not installed at all.
However, scientists have yet reached a unity on the individual factors, most likely prior to the appearance of possessing and mental disorders.
Distinguish two categories mentioned conditional factors.
1 Internal causal factors.
- A genetic predisposition;
- Immunological disorder of the body;
- A biochemical disorder of the body (for example, lowering cholesterol in the blood contributes to stop generating the body of a special hormone responsible for stress tolerance);
- A violation of the child’s development during the mother’s pregnancy and developmental disorders, which appeared in early childhood (up to three years);
- Somatic diseases of internal organs, leading to inhibition of the brain.
2 external causal factors.
- Injury to the brain;
- Infection of the central nervous system;
- Intoxication;
- The defeat of the body of radioactive elements;
- Acute and chronic emotional stress (meaning constantly ongoing and long-term stressful situations at work, related to health status, family situation, etc.).

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