Cretinism is an endocrine disease arising because of dysfunction of thyroid gland. It is expressed by lag of physical and mental development. There is an endemic cretinism (multiple cases in a certain area) and sporadic (cases which aren’t connected to the area). A cretinism can be a congenital pathology but sometimes happens in development of child.



Causes of cretinism development are connected with shortage of hormones of a thyroid gland. It can be heriditary disorder of ferment system due to what there is a nontoxic goiter and a sporadic cretinism. In other cases a cretinism is connected with disorder of thyroid gland formation, its underdevelopment, the wrong locating or total absence. Danger is constituted by goiter which hast pregnant mother, her treatment with a radioiodine, shortage of iodine and selenium. Marriage between relatives is also one of cretinism causes.


At a cretinism physical development is broken. Growth of teeth retards, body do not grow (nanism). Patients have a disproportionate body build (big head, short extremities), deformations of bones and joints, wide round face with blunt expression, wide distance between eyes, large tongue, a poor facial expression. Hearing sense and the speech are broken. Internals are diminished, sexual are underdeveloped. Mental development suffers (from a mild debility to an idiocy). Patient is flaccid, sleepy.

Cretinism treatment

Patients with a cretinism are compelled to be treated all their life. Hormones of a thyroid gland should be prescribed as soon as possible (thyroidin, triiodothyronine). For prophylaxis it is important to use enough iodine with nutrition. Usually salt going on sale is iodinated.

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