Debility is characterized by the congenital or developed in the early childhood disorder of mental development. The birth trauma, shortage of iodine in childhood, a malformation of nervous system can cause it. The debility often develops because of the harm done to mother’s organism during pregnancy: smoking, action of radiation, refusal from meat, infections.


Debility symptoms

- Physical developmental lag.

- Disorder abstract thinking. Suffering from debility can hardly explain the word meaning and communication between them. They have a concrete and descriptive type of thinking.

- Speech underdevelopment. The lexicon is reduced to 100-200 words.

- Low ability to memorize.

- Instability of attention. It is difficult to concentrate on any occupation.

- Lack of imagination and inquisitiveness.

- Obedience, suggestibility. Such people are often got involved in bad companies, take alcohol.

- Emotional disorders. These are aggression flashes, irritability.


Treatment of debility

Correction of intellectual defect at special schools is carried out. Teachers and speech therapist help the patient to develop speech, thinking and attention, social skills. At flashes of aggression antianxiety drugs are prescribed. Nootropic drugs improving brain feed are useful.

Patients with debility are capable to master the elementary professions. Some of them are even talented and have perfect ear for music, well draw.

Prophylaxis of debility consists in well-timed inspection of pregnant women, following healthy recommendations.

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