Delirium Of Jealousy

The pathological delirium of jealousy differs in the conviction which isn’t confirmed with any real facts. The pathological jealousy is followed by extreme forms of behavior. It is possible at different mental disorders.

Crazy ideas of jealousy may be the first symptoms of schizophrenia. The patient consistently states crazy ideas, externally they seem truthful, differ from associative links usual at schizophrenia. The depression with feeling of failure sometimes leads to crazy jealousy.

Delirium of jealousy main symptoms:

- Suspicion of partner in adultery and charge of categorical form.

- Para logistic thinking.

-  Increased volubility.

- Unawareness of disease state.

At schizophrenia the delirium of jealousy usually develops at the age of 30-40 years, women have a depression, men – aggression.  Often the delirium of jealousy is accompanied by hormonal disorders. Expression of delirium is connected with features of character. Delirium of jealousy is a common symptom of alcoholism. It can be also meet at vascular diseases of brain.

More often the delirium of jealousy arises at elderly men, against the expressed alcoholism and sex problems. Illness develops gradually, unlike psychoses. At first the person is jealous being in alcohol intoxication, after suspicion in infidelity become continuous.

The patient often suspects people around. Husband controls all actions of his wife which he interprets illogically. Life with sick becomes serious and dangerous, violence cases to suspected lover and woman are frequent.

Treatment of delirium of jealousy is possible only at a hospital. Neuroleptics are prescribed, and treatment of an alcoholism is carried out.

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