Delusion Of Influence

Delusion of influence is peculiar for schizophrenia. It is included into group of the symptoms called productive. Patients with schizophrenia with delusion of influence perceive the active movements as passive, imposed by someone from the outside.

The patient has a pathological belief that his thoughts, acts and emotions are caused by external influence (magic, hypnosis). At delusion of influence there is feeling of thoughts, experiences, and actions imposition. Person says that his own will is replaced with foreign will or force. It seems to the patient that his internal thoughts, feelings and actions are known to strangers.

On the basis of pathological experiences there can be “an explanatory delusion” which is in detail describing influence of the natural or supernatural forces influencing thoughts and actions of the person.

At this variant of delusion there is sometimes a confidence that some subjects or microorganisms got into an organism of the patient. These obsessions can be the reason of development of “delusion of obsession”.

In brief, the delusion of influence is characterized by such symptoms:

- Person is sure that his will is replaced by the foreign.

- Patient can think that is obsessed with evil spirit.

- Sometimes the person speaks about suggestion feelings, desires to him.

- Patient tells about feeling of physical impact on his body.

- Patient is passive, indifferent to the processes happening in his mentality.

- Crazy ideas sometimes are combined with hallucinations.

The delusion of influence is often followed by pseudo hallucinations, mental automatisms. The patient can’t foresee results of own actions.

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