Dementia (dotage) is a chronic or progressing syndrome at which cognitive (cognitive, mental) function of brain degrades more, than at normal aging. There is a deterioration of thinking, comprehension, memory, speech, ability to orient, count, and argue.

Dementia doesn’t influence consciousness. Often a control over emotions worsens, the social behavior degrades. Dementia appears at various illnesses and injuries causing the injury of brain: a stroke, Alzheimer’s disease.

Dementia is among the main reasons of disability among elderly people and their need for care. It deeply influences on people suffering from it, and those who cares for them.

Dementia symptoms

The early stage often remains unnoticed because it develops gradually. There is a forgetfulness, time observation is lost, and orientation in a familiar area is broken.

In an average stage the signs become more obvious. Recent events are forgotten, orientation in the house is broken, difficulties increase in communication, care for sick person is required. The person may meander along, asking the same questions.

At a late stage of a dementia there is almost full passivity. Memory disorders are significant, orientation in time and space is completely lost. The recognition of relatives is complicated. The person moves hardly, can become aggressive.

Treatment and prophylaxis of dementia

There is no medicine therapy for treatment of dementia. Numerous medicines are investigated. In prophylaxis of disease the healthy lifestyle, proper treatment of diabetes, control of arterial pressure is important.

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