Erotic Delirium

Usually just women suffer from erotomania syndrome, or Klerambo’s syndrome. The subject, as a rule, is a lonely woman believing that man from the upper class is in love with her. The supposed admirer is inaccessible as I he already married, or holds much higher social status. It can be a famous actor or public personality.

The woman captured by passion is sure that object fell in love with her first, loves much more stronger than she, sometimes even that only he is in love. She is sure that is chosen by this man, and it was not she who have taken the first steps. Such belief is a source of pride and satisfaction. The woman is sure that this man can’t be happy without her.

Often the patient believes that the object can’t open feeling for various reasons, is conceals from her, it is difficult to him to get near her but he came into indirect contact to her and is compelled to behave in an inconsistent way.

The woman, who has erotomania, sometimes is so annoying that the object goes to police or court. After that it happens that delirium of the patient is still unshakable, she thinks out explanations for strange behavior of object. The patient can be very persistent, unreceptive to reality.

Some patients have love delirium transforming to a persecution delusion. Such women are ready to offend the object and publicly accuse. At Klerambo it is described as two phases: the hope is replaced by indignation.

Probably, the most part of patients with erotic delirium suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. When it isn’t enough available data for making the exact diagnosis, illness is referred to sex addict delusion disorders.

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