Idiocy is the most expressed extent of congenital or acquired in the early childhood intellectual retardation (oligophrenia). Defect of mental development doesn’t increase in the subsequent life.

Disorders in development of nervous system arise during intrauterine growth period or in the first months of child life. Injury of brain can happen caused with trauma or hypoxia aborning. Deficiency of iodine in mother’s food and child also negatively influences on the development of brain functions.

Smoking during pregnancy, rubella during pregnancy, congenital syphilis and radiation are important risk factors.

Idiocy symptoms

- Sharp lag of children in physical development. Sick children with retardation start raising the head, sit, walk. Purposeful actions are very difficult, the movements are badly coordinated, sweeping.

- Underdevelopment or absence of the intelligent speech. The speech of patient with an idiocy often consists of mooing, shouts.

- Absence of conscious thinking. Due to absence of speech and disability to read the patient can’t comprehend anything.

- Disability to recognize people and things. As a rule patients don’t recognize the relatives, eat inedible subjects.

- Lack of ability to self-service. Idiots can’t dress, brush teeth.

- Disorder of emotions. Fit of spleen, hatred, irritability.

Treatment of an idiocy

Continuous supervision in clinics or houses for mentally retarded is required for patients with an idiocy. It is necessary to look after patients carefully (to walk, make hygienic procedures, to dress), to feed (patients can’t hold a spoon).

At outbursts of aggression sedative drugs are prescribed. Nootropic medicines improve the state of the patient.

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