Imbecility is an average oligophrenia extent (mental retardation). Defect of mental development congenital or is acquired in the early childhood, during life it doesn’t increase.

The reasons of an imbecility are caused with disorder within pregnancy period of mother (animal protein malnutrition, smoking, infections, radiation), fetus injuries during childbirth delivery. Iodine shortage in the early childhood can cause an imbecility.

Symptoms of an imbecility

- Lag in development of intellect. Child starts speaking too late, sometimes cannot read at all, hardly counts.

- Lag in physical development. The child starts going too late, his movements are badly coordinated, clumsy, swinging.

- Difficulties at self-service. The patient is capable to carry out the elementary actions (to drink from a mug, to hold a spoon, sometimes to wash the dishes, to tie laces). It isn’t capable to independent life.

- Speech underdevelopment. The patient says short, simple phrases, understands the speech simple on content. At expression his thoughts person uses a facial expression, elaborate gestures.

- Memory underdevelopment. The patient hardly memorizes a short fragment of a poem.

- Obeyence, suggestibility. The person with oligophrenia easily gets to the company of drug addicts, lawbreakers.

- Absence or weakening of will. The person can perform a task only at a constant control over him.

- Emotional disorders. These are outbursts of rage, irritability. Patients are very attached to relatives.

Treatment of an imbecility

Apply the agents strengthening feed of brain (nootropic). Outbursts of aggression require sedative drugs. The child needs a special school where teachers will help get a social adaptation.

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