Manifestations Of Mental Disorders

Symptoms of psychiatric disorders in each case is diverse and very versatile. Among the most common manifestations of the following:
- Increased sensitivity to the different senses: visual, auditory, tactile;
- Reducing susceptibility to external stimuli (loss of interest);
- The occurrence of illusions (misperceptions objects of the world) and hallucinations (the perception of non-existent objects and phenomena – hears, sees action, etc.);
- Gain or vice versa significant memory loss;
- Amnesia (full or episodic memory loss – the so-called failures);
- A quick hay thoughts or vice versa retardation thinking obsession problem;
- Compulsive phenomena (including a variety of phobias, fears, a state of constant anxiety and doubt);
- The emergence of delusions (false ideas painful, inappropriate and unfounded that the patient does not dissuade possible);
- Various depressive states (pessimistic perception of the world, his life);
- Manic affect (unfounded morbid mood enhancement);
- Frequent changes of mood in a short period of time while it is in fact for any reason;
- Apathy (a complete lack of interest in life, as well as any emotion).

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