Megalomania is a disorder of mentality at which the consciousness or behavior of the person is seriously broken. It is shown in revaluation of own importance, popularity, wealth, power, significance. The megalomania isn’t considered as an individual disease, but as a symptom at maniacal syndrome, paranoia, or as one of inferiority complex types.

Causes of disorder development have not been yet investigated, but it is supposed that megalomania causes are:

- strong stressful situations;

- mental injuries;

- complications of general paralysis;

- affective psychoses;

- paraphrenic schizophrenia.

Symptoms of megalomania:

- revaluation by the patient of the importance, physical and mental abilities;

- narcissism (narcissism);

- hyperactivity, garrulity;

- concentration on own thoughts.

- frequent change of mood;

- lack of interest to the opinion of people around;

- aggression in relation to people around;

- sleeplessness.

Disease is dangerous with possible development of a depression and aphrenia.

Apply the preparations containing lithium, neuroleptics, fenotiazin for megalomania treatment. It is necessary to treat a basic disease – maniac-depressive psychosis, schizophrenia. Good results are provided by psychotherapy. Patients with megalomania need social rehabilitation; their interaction with society is complicated.

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