Mental Disorders At Alcoholism

Alcoholism involves destruction of human mentality and his personality.

Changes in person of alcoholic are noticeable at the first stage of disease. The focus of interest is narrowed, former interests disappear. Any subjects for conversation flow in conversations about alcohol. Each public action or holiday is estimated from the point of view of opportunity to drink.

But critical attitude is still kept, the person tries to drive away thoughts of alcohol though it is difficult. The alcoholic still has sense of shame, and the criticism causes annoyance. More and more time the alcoholic spends his time with the same people, as he is.

If measures aren’t taken, mental and physical dependence grows; personality of alcoholic is radically reconstructed.

Subsequently a gradual callousness appears, experiences and thin feelings are erased. Alcoholic spends time with a family more seldom and teetotal acquaintances, as often as possible leaves the house to drink. He looks for suitable reasons for it (hunting, fishing).

Falsity, cunning, resourcefulness is inherent to all alcoholics. At first these qualities are shown seldom when it is necessary to explain late arrival home or expenditure of large sum of money. Later the alcoholic isn’t ashamed and ceases to lie on trifles, openly takes out money, things. Promises to stop drinking, beginning a new life, which alcoholic gives only for the sake of achievement of his purpose, are false.

As a result, the person completely degrades. There is a cruelty in relation to own family, call of duty, responsibility disappears; apathy to relatives, selfishness is formed. The mood unstable, good is sharply replaced by fault-finding and aggression. The thinking of alcoholic becomes more and more primitive.

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