Mental Disorders At Barbituratizm

Changes of mentality at barbiturates usage

The barbiturate addiction arises at abuse of barbamylum or etaminaly sodium. Acute barbiturate intoxication is characterized by in coordination of movements, retardation, retarded speech. Aggression, motive and sex disinhibiting are possible. Other mental disturbances are various: sleepiness, depression, euphoria, emotional instability, irritability, hostility. Sometimes there are attempts of suicide. The attention is reduced, memory is weakened.

Consequences of long barbiturates usage


Addicting to barbiturates is formed slowly, more often as a result of self-treatment of sleep disorders. At continuous use of preparations in doses exceeding therapeutic a state of dependence.

At a barbiturate addiction there is an egocentricity, character irascibility, the progressing memory impairment, sharp depression of thinking and ability to concentrate attention are indicated.

Continuous barbiturates use in high doses causes the expressed an incoordination of movements, strong depression or full loss of reflexes.

At systematic use of barbiturates tolerance grows, but less than at opiomania and other serious addictions.

The abstinence syndrome proceeds hard. At this there are time anxiety, tremor of fingers and arms, tongue and eyelids, consensual muscular convulsive twitch, the progressing weakness, sleeplessness, nausea and vomiting. When the state grows severe there are convulsive attacks, a delirium or alcoholic hallucinosis.

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