Mental Disorders At Cannabis Use

Changes of mentality during cannabis drugs use


Psychoactive agents of cannabis preparations (marihuana, hashish) are kannabinoida. When smoking there is intoxication: wooziness, slackness, euphoria. There is a dreamy expression on face. Sensitivity to stimulus increases, the perception of world around is broken. There is a sonitus. Memory worsens, the attention weakens. Behavior is often ridiculous, with garrulity, inappropriate uncontrollable laughter. Aggressive actions, sometimes apathy are possible.

At the use of high doses intoxication is strongly expressed, with crazy ideas, illusions, confusion of consciousness, exaltation, hallucinations (visual are more often). The serious delirium with disorientation is possible. Sometimes there is a pavor. Similar states can proceed within a week.

Long-term effects

At continuous use of cannabis counter-motivational syndrome develops: apathy, passivity, depression of motives, disability to concentrate at work. Intellect decreases, memory weakens. Gradually the personality degrades, emotional instability is formed, moral and ethical principles are lost. The behavior is outranged, acts are often acocial. Sometimes there is a growing hallucinative and delirium psychosis.

Narcotic resistance growsslightly. Abstinence is defined poorly and develops after frequent application of drugs in high doses. It is shown by sleep disorders, changes of mood.

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