Mental Disorders At Cocainism

Mental disorders during Cocainum use

Narcomaniacs usually smell cocainum, it is easily soaked up in a blood through a nasal mucosa. At intravenous injection the influence of a narcotic is stronger. Cocainum causes revaluation of the opportunities, often there are crazy ideas, hallucinations as a result of which socially dangerous acts are performed.

Cocainic intoxication is characterized as similar to maniacal, with well expressed euphoria. Having taken cocainum, the person feels extraordinary self-confident, capable for everything, own thoughts seem him very deep, full of mysterious sense. Also cocainum causes sexual exaltation.

At cocainum overdosage convulsive attacks, syncopes happen.

Other mental disorders are also frequent:

- Cocainic delirium. The patient sees bright visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations which he confuses with real life.

- Cocainic oneiroid. The patient passively watches similar to stage performance pictures.

- Cocainic paranoid. The patient unexpectedly has a delirium of persecution or jealousy.

Consequences of a cocainic narcomania

Cocainists suffer from sleeplessness, sometimes they have convulsive attacks. The cocainic narcomania is characterized by fast development of strong mental dependence. At abstaining from reception of narcotic the expressed depression, outbursts of anger develops, there are suicidal tendencies.

Because of fast destruction of Cocainum in human organism it is used often, in small doses, but the daily dose can reach 10 g. Tolerance doesn’t increase, action of one dose doesn’t decrease. There is even a rising of sensitivity to effect of cocaine.

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