Mental Disorders At Ephedrone Use

Acute ephedrone intoxication

Ephedrone ia a self-made narcotic preparation received from processing of widespread medicine of ephedrine. Usually young people use it. Ephedrone is applied intravenously, it stimulates nervous system like amphetamine.

For ephedrone intoxication general exaltation is peculiar, there is passing feeling of energy burst, garrulity, resuscitation; aspiration to monotonous entertainments becomes perceptible. Sensitivity to external stimuli increases. When intensifying exaltation there are irritability, anxiety, agitation.

Later exaltation is replaced by slackness, weakness, melancholy. Pavor, suspiciousness, crazy ideas are possible.

Regular ephedrone use effect

Drug addiction is formed quickly, in 1-2 months. The periods of the use of ephedron (some days) are characterized by sleep loss, absence of appetite. Then a brake comes in drug use when apathy, increased sleepiness and depression become perceptible.

Resistance to preparation quickly grows, frequency of use sometimes reaches 10-15 times per day. At sudden cancellation of ephedrone there is an abstinence which is shown by mental disorder: acute and prolonged depressions, general weakness. Physical and mental condition of the patient strongly degrades.

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