Mental Disorders At Thebaic Narcomania

Changes of mentality at intravenous injection of opiates

At taking opiates patients with a narcomania have euphoria passing two stages.

The first develops immediately after injection of preparation. A pleasant little push is felt in the head. At most of patients “arrival” is followed by nose end, forehead, and chin itch. The person feels special pleasure, happiness, ease of thoughts, all negative passes into the background.

In the second stage there actually the condition of euphoria comes. The main experiences are: pleasure, ease, delight. All negative is removed, vital problems stop existing. The train of thoughts accelerates. There is a rest, slackness, pleasant languor, fast change of images and experiences. Dreamlike state. Outwardly patients look flaccid, retarded. Then superficial dream comes which is easily interrupted by external stimuli. After awakening the mood is dismal, there is a mental discomfort.

Consequences of a thebaic narcomania for mentality

Patients have intellectual disorders: noncriticality, poor attention, memory disorder. Patients are incapable to perform systematic work. At long withholdinf symptoms weaken, but the complete recovery doesn’t happen. At the use of self-made preparations of opium intellectual disorders are expressed more sharply. First of all memory suffers. The hypersensibility to pain is observed.

Especially strongly the personality changes. The focus of interest is narrowed, there comes emotional coarsening, lying, and absence of shame. Patients are indifferent to relatives, own health and wellbeing, become similar to each other.

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