Messianic Delusion

Clinically Messianic delusion is expressed by ideas of greatness, assignment of supernatural powers, in combination with correct perception of own person. In severe cases the idea of full transformation in divine persons prevails. The Messianic delusion displays the religious subject which developed in this population. Men don’t identify themselves with female images, women sometimes appropriate male qualities.

Patients have ideas about special mission assigned to them, fight against the evil, human salvation. There are ideas of communication with supernatural force (mystical delusion), ideas about association of the people, world reorganization. It occurs against perked up mood, even ecstasy, feeling full of energy.

Messianic delusion has features depending on main disease state of patient. More often it arises against continuous paranoid schizophrenia. In childhood such patients were isolated, unsociable, preferred society of adults. At the general asthenic state working capacity gradually decreased, the focus of interest was narrowed. Patients change work places, every time preferring less qualified. Former feelings were lost, new interests and passions, interest in religious and philosophical literature, and paranormal phenomena unusual earlier appear. Having thrown needful work, patients make trips to holy places, become frequenters of meetings with preachers or carry the last money to sorcerers and magicians. Often patients are on tramp, go to solitary places, molest to passersby with talk on their important mission.

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