Possible Signs Of Mental Illness

Everybody knows the state of anxiety, each of us had difficulty with sleep, each of us has experienced periods of depressed mood. Many are familiar with such phenomena as children’s fears, many “tied” some haunting melody from which some time it was impossible to get rid of. All these states are found in the norm and in pathology. However, normally they appear occasionally, briefly, and in general, do not interfere with life.

If the state was delayed (formal criterion is the duration of more than 2 weeks), if it was to break performance or simply prevents lead a normal life, it is better to consult a doctor, not to miss the beginning of the disease, possibly heavy: it is not necessarily begins with coarse mental disorders. Most people, for example, think that schizophrenia – is necessarily heavy psychosis.

Of course, any of these changes are not necessarily talking about schizophrenia or even about any mental illness. Changing nature of adolescence in all, and this causes the parents to see the difficulties. Almost all adolescents peculiar affliction about their appearance, and so many are beginning to emerge “philosophical” questions.

In the vast majority of cases these changes are not related to schizophrenia. But it happens that they have. Remember that it can be so useful. If the phenomenon of “puberty” expressed very strongly if they create more difficulties than in other families, it makes sense to consult with a psychiatrist.

These are not all the conditions in which it would be reasonable to ask for help in a timely manner. These are just guidelines that can help smell a rat and make the right decision.

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