Prevention Of Mental Disorders

Any disease in need of preventive measures. No exception, and mental illness. Prevention of mental disorders can be primary or secondary to the disease. Thus, primary prevention is aimed at preventing the emergence of any painful abnormalities, and secondary prevention defines the task of preventing the recurrence of mental illness. Measures of primary and secondary prevention are very similar. We describe the most common and effective methods.
1 Timely and correct diagnosis and subsequent recovery of various kinds of somatic and infectious diseases of the body that can affect the mental health of a person.
2 Measures aimed at preventing injuries (careful driving, compliance with the rules of conduct on the road, use of protective equipment when doing extreme sports, etc.).
3 Measures to prevent chemical poisoning of the body (especially it concerns workers in the chemical industry or other hazardous industries, with the exception of substance abuse, drug abuse and other dependencies).
4 Regular communication with loved ones. Only in this way can be seen emerging deviations and disorders at an early stage.
5 Avoidance of conflict and stress.
6 Pharmacological struggle with stress and feelings (I mean, if necessary, sparing use of sedatives).
7 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits, the formation of new interests, hobbies, interests.
8 Regular sleep.

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