Schizoid Psychopathy

Schizoid psychopathy differs in excessive isolation of individual. The inner world of the schizoid is filled with the imaginations intended for self-pleasuring. Schizoid psychopaths don’t have enough intuition in communication, abilities to empathize, come into emotional contacts. They are laconic, have constant interests, are inclined to symbols, difficult theories. Their judgments about people are categorical, inclined to extremes. Because of broken contact to reality it is perceived inexact.

People with a schizoid psychopathy are biased, mistrustful, suspicious. At work they can be uncontrollable proceeding from own perceptions or monotonously active. In a number of areas where the originality of thinking is necessary, they can reach much success. The attention is selectively aimed on interesting matters. The daily divergence is combined with pushfulness in achievement of significant purposes. Sympathy and love, empathy, and patriotism are inaccessible to schizoid psychopaths. They are cold, inconsiderate, and often cruel. They have reduced need for communication. Schizoids support a formal contact to people around just if necessary. They have no need for clarification of foreign opinion. People with dissocial disorder of personality are polar opposite to schizoid.

Schizoid psychopathy is shown early. Children keep among adults, play alone, avoid noisy entertainments. Serious restraint, coldness is inherent to many of them. Child doesn’t share experiences even with parents.

At teenage isolation is more noticeable. Schizoid teenager is shipped in own interests, treats with neglect or hostility to life of other people.

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