Symptoms Of Mental Disorders Among Men

According to statistics, men are less resistance to stress and are more prone to mental disorders than women. The main cause of mental disorders in men in addition to genetic predisposition and a variety of injuries is alcoholism and drug addiction.
In any case, it is necessary to think about the presence of mental disorders in the manifestation of the following symptoms:
- Unjustified aggression comprehensiveness (all indiscriminately and without reason);
- A state of constant anxiety;
- Mood swings (from unreasonable joy to depression);
- Absolutely uncritical evaluation of any of his actions, even doing harm to a close, people around them, or, for example, illegal acts;
- Morbid jealousy in relation to a life partner without reasons and grounds to the (can lead to physical conflicts as manifestations of aggression against women and against “suspicious” of the subject);
- Megalomania or permanent victim complex (even accompanied by a special posture humiliated – man walks hunched over, even crouched to the ground, not looking up from under his feet. Both that, and another manifestation characterized by preoccupation with himself, expressed in constant argument and narrative of their achievements or failures, successes or diseases, plans and desires);
- Increased suspicion and persecution.

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