Symptoms Of Mental Disorders Among Women

In general, women suffer from the same types of mental disorders as men. However, their course is often burdened with additional or specific manifestations due to stay in a certain natural for women and for men alien state. The fact that the woman in his life is going through some special periods characterized by increased levels of hormones in the blood, the body’s adaptation to the new conditions of existence, etc. These periods are only five: puberty, pregnancy, post-partum, perimenopause and menopause period. Each of them is itself manifest in different behavioral disorders, but also those periods are dangerous high-risk diseases of various kinds of mental disorders.
The most common symptoms of mental disorders in women during pregnancy are frequent changes of mood, amnesic syndrome (memory formed the so-called failures and the patient forgets some periods of life). Most pregnant women are completely inactive, grubby, they have increased sensitivity to external stimuli (sound, light, touch, smell).
Postnatal period is characterized by the appearance of depression, increased anxiety, various phobias. Also frequently observed mood swings.
Menopause for women, is probably the most difficult. Among the manifestations of mental disorders we see: insomnia or sleep disturbance (nightmares); chronic fatigue; depression; decreased concentration; apathy; memory disorders; suppression of libido (decreased sexual desire).

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