Teenage Schizophrenia

Teenage schizophrenia is connected with formation of a pathological mental state in perception of environment. At first there are nervous breakdowns, tearfulness, temper tantrum and loss of strength. The first signs of teenager schizophrenia can be distinguished in the early childhood.

The main signs of malignant teenager schizophrenia are: fast forcing of negative emotions, intellect disorder with the expressed autism, mobility decrease, loss of strength and emotions. Children’s schizophrenia proceeds more severe than teenage, with emphasis on oligophrenia.

Schizophrenia is very widespread. From 5 mentally sick teenagers 1-2 are schizophrenics. Nevertheless between adult and teenage schizophrenia there are serious differences. There are some types of teenager schizophrenia.

Process schizophrenia

This kind is detected in early childhood. At teenage the illness progresses. The first clinical signs are noticeable by 3 years. The child becomes flaccid, badly perceives reality, aloofness from relatives, is stubborn and irritable. Adults often thinkthat these the symptoms are features of character. Later there are an aggression and nervousness, sharp differences of mood develop. After 5 years old symptoms are more noticeable, state of the child is more unstable, there are hallucinations, speech worsens. There is an unevelopment; in spring and in autumnthere are seasonal exacerbations. There are pavor, uneasiness, distrustfulness, opacification of mindcrackpot ideas.

Paranoica schizophrenia

Develops in children older 12 years. The first symptom is temper tantrum. Teenager tells fairy tales, thinks up major feelings. Fiction is very naive. Their delirious content is connected with mental immaturity.

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